People-Aware Smart City: A People-Centered Integration, Mining and Decision Framework

In this project, we plan to build a people-aware smart city framework, which focuses on finding people’s needs and satisfy them. This is the first attempt to build such a smart city framework that centers on people, the residents of a city, we proposed a people-aware smart city framework that integrates data extracted continuously from the people, discovers their needs from integrated multi-source data, and finally determines the best resource allocation plans to satisfy these needs.
People’s needs from the areas of education, health, travel, safety, finance and entertainment, which all have measurable objectives, will be studied in this project.
In order to achieve the goals in the framework, several state of art techniques will be developed including data integration solutions to handle different data sources with different formats, transfer learning-based mechanisms to reveal knowledge, and machine-human collaborative approaches to make wise decision. In addition to making breakthrough in technical development of people-aware smart city framework, we will closely work together with our sponsor and partner, China Digital City Forum Limited, to implement our framework into their smart city solutions and demonstrate the effectiveness of our proposal. Moreover, we will try to incorporate the framework into Smart Transportation and Back Alley projects carried out by Energizing Kowloon East Office, to bring the benefits to Hong Kong people.