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Asian Conference on Computer Vision,ACCV`98
ACCV'98 accepted papers

103     Oral    Tong            Directing Robot with Visual Primitive for
109     Poster  Liu             Detecting Characters in Grey-Scale Scene Images 
110     Poster  Lu              Moving Vehicle Detection and Tracking in Image  
114     Poster  Chan            Parallel Implementation of Fractal Image
116     Oral    Jain            Integrating Faces and Fingerprints for Personal
117     Poster  Yang            Determining a Polyhedral Shape Based on
118     Poster  Kurita          Scale and Rotation Invariant Recognition Method
120     Poster  Liao            Face Recongnition Using A Face-Only Database : A
121     Poster  Ramakrishna     Contributions to Stereo Vision
122     Poster  Kim             Reconstruction of Non-manifold Objects from Two
123     Poster  Qi              Comparison of Mean Field Annealing and
125     Poster  Alexandrov      Dynamic adaptive data structures for semantic
126     Oral    Trajkovic       A Practical Algorithm For Recursive Structure and
128     Poster  Chuang          Potential-Based Modeling of 2D Regions Using     
129     Poster  Liao            A Study of Zernike Moment Computing
131     Poster  Abdallah        Object Recognition and Orientation via Zernike
132     Oral    Lee             A Unified Framework for Salient Curves, Regions, 
133     Poster  Takemura        Acquisition of Three-dimensional Information      
135     Poster  Funahashi       A Generating Method for 3-dimensional Knitting
136     Poster  Hauta-Kasari    Unsupervised filtering of Munsell spectra
139     Poster  Qiu             Multi-grid Edge Models for Magnifying Digital
141     Oral    Se              Stereo Vision-based Obstacle Detection for
144     Oral    Menard          Stereo Correspondences in Scale Space
147     poster  Huang           Auto Cameraman Via Collaborative Sensing Agents
149     Oral    Lange           Three steps to make Shape from Shading work
150     Poster  Hanmandlu       Kalman Filter Based Matching Technique for 3D     
151     Oral    Lin             Evaluation and Application of Recognition
153     Poster  Hanmandlu       Contour Based Matching Technique For 3D Object   
156     Poster  Xie             New Development of Stereo Vision
158     Oral    Torreao         Estimating Depth Through the Fusion of Photometric
160     poster  Jia             Learning and Recognizing 3D Objects by Using
162     Oral    Chen            A New Nonlinear Shape Normalization Method for
163     Poster  Zha             A Recursive Fitting-and-Splitting Algorithm for  
165     poster  Nishimura       Adaptation to Gesture Performers by Incremental
166     Poster  Nishimura       Non-monotonic Continuous DP for spotting
167     Oral    Hung            Automatic Detection and Tracking of Human Heads   
169     Poster  Sumi            3D Object Recognition Using Segment-based Stereo
171     Poster  Lourakis        Visual Detection of Obstacles Assuming a Locally  
172     Oral    S Ipson         A novel triangulation procedure for thinning
173     Poster  Booth           A Novel Fast Three-Step Search Algorithm for
174     Poster  Jiang           Detection of Glasses in Facial Images
175     Poster  Khwang          Recognition of Planar Shapes using Algebraic   
176     Poster  Zheng           Combinatorial Coarse Classification Method for   
179     Poster  Li              A Morphological Method for Moving Object
180     Poster  Uchimura        Recognition of Shape Model for General Roads      
181     Poster  Mokhtarian      Segmenting Objects at Multiple Scales : A Robust
182     Poster  Cha             Fast Image Template and Dictionary Matching      
183     Poster  Xuesheng        Improved Supervised Color Constancy for Color
185     Poster  Salden          Algebraic Invariants of Linear Scale-Spaces   
190     Oral    Mirmehdi        Optimising the Complete Image Feature Extraction
191     Oral    Ohba            Appearance Based Visual Learning and Object   
192     Oral    Bhattacharyya   Color Edge detection using Orthogonal Polynomials
194     Oral    Jiang           Range Image Segmentation : Adaptive Grouping of
195     Poster  Takebe          Precise and Fast Form Identification Method by
196     Poster  Nakatani        Muscle-Based Component Models for Analyzing Facial
197     Poster  Harba           Complementary Character Misplacement and Its
199     Poster  Kim             Segmentation of MRF based Image using Hierarchical
201     poster  Zhang           Detecting Targets in SAR Images: A Machine  
203     Oral    Seales          Fast Stereo Matching in Compressed Video
204     Poster  Seales          Recognition Using Morphing
205     Poster  Seales          Biorthogonal Wavelets and Object Recognition in
208     Poster  Tsui            Spherical and Cylindrical Light Source Models for
209     Poster  Chan            Model-based Active Object Recongnition using MRF
211     Oral    Shen            3-D Reconstruction of multipart self-occluding    
213     Oral    Laurentini      Toward non-intrusive motion capture
214     Poster  Qi              A New Adaptive Approach on Rapid Obstacle        
215     Oral    Qi              Combining Camera and Laser Radar fro ALV
218     Poster  Ishikawa        Finding the Center of Rotational Symmetry from
219     Poster  Wang            Log Classification by X-ray Scanning and Image  
223     Poster  Zheng           Generating 3D Models of Rotated Objects Using 
227     Poster  Fountain        Rotation Invariant Texgture Features from Gabor 
229     Poster  Yonemoto        Shape and Pose Parameter Estimation of 3D
232     Poster  Sakamoto        A New Method for Enhancement and Improvement of
233     Poster  Wong            Word-Class Bigram Statistics Language Model for a 
302     Poster  Otsuka          Converting Facial Expressions Based on Recognition
303     Poster  Yokokura        Recognition of Various Bar-graph Structures Based 
304     Poster  Ngan            Motion Detection in Temporal Clutter
311     Oral    Wang            3D Line's Extraction From 2D Spatio-temporal Image
312     Poster  Liu             Recognition of Urban Scene Using Silhouette of
316     Poster  Watanabe        Document Categorization for Document Image
317     Poster  Mita            Strategical Tracking of Polyhedral Objects by
319     Poster  Chen            Multiscale Image Representation and Edge Detection
322     Poster  Ariki           Human Information Retrieval by Face Extraction and
326     Oral    Tanaka          Representing and Visualizing Live Motions with
327     Poster  Nishijima       A Cooperative Inference Mechanism for Extracting 
1002I   Poster  Chung           Chain of Circles for Robust Matching and
1003I   Poster  Schutz          Semi-automatic 3D object digitizing system using
1005I   Oral    Iwahori         Sign of Surface Curature from Shading Images Using
1006I   Oral    Srinivasa       Learning Multiscale Image Models of Object Classes
1007I   Oral    Laine           Detection of Subtle Masses in Mammography via    
1010I   Poster  Pauwels         DOG-based Unsupervised Clustering with   
1013I   Oral    Howell          Learning Identity and Behaviour with Neural
1014I   Poster  Jenkinson       Feature Saliency from Noise Variations in
1015I   Oral    Bajcsy          Hierarchical Texture Segmentation Using
1016I   Oral    Srinivasa       A Learning Approach to Fixate on 3D Targets with  
1019I   Oral    Psarrou         Using RBF Networks to Map GWT Ridge Images to Pose
1021I   Poster  Yang            Skin-Color Modeling and Adaptation
1022I   Oral    Li              Dynamic Calibration of an Active Vision System to
1024I   Poster  Peake           Script and Language Identification from Document
1026I   Oral    Gross           Topologically-Invariant Digitization with
1030I   Poster  Hwang           Autonomous Vision-Guided Robot Manipulation
1031I   Poster  Shinya          VR Models from epipolar Images: An Approach to
1032I   Poster  Westling        Interpretation of Complex Scenes Using Bayesian
1033I   Oral    Tsui            Relative Affine Depth:  Structure From Motion by 
1034I   Poster  Tsui            Shape Recovery from One Image under Multiple Light
1035I   Poster  Ratakonda       Restoring Image Quality Through Structure
1037I   Poster  Yang            Optical Flow in the Scale Space
1038I   Oral    Trajkovic       The Eigenspace Method for Rigid Motion Recovery   
1039I   Oral    Yow             Human Face Detection and Localization using     
1042I   Oral    McKenna         Segmentation and Tracking using Colour Mixture
1043I   Poster  Wurtz           Object Recognition by Matching Symbolic Edge
1044I   Oral    Burschka        Identification of 3D Reference Structures for
1049I   Oral    Wang            3D Shape and Motion Analysis from Image Blur and
1054I   Oral    Huang           The Model-based Dynamic Hand Posture
1057I   Oral    McKenna         Face Recognition in Dynamic Scenes
1058I   Poster  Gong            On Appearance-Based Methods for Face Recognition
1059I   Oral    Deriche         Front Propagation and Level-Set Approach for
1063I   Oral    Wang            A Unified Framework for Image-Derived Invariants
1064I   Poster  Ishikawa        3D Estimation of Facial Muscle Parameter from the
1066I   Poster  Heyden          Minimal Conditions on Intrinsic Parameters for
1069I   Oral    Deguchi         On the Classification of Singular Points for the
1070I   Poster  Bhuiyan         Optimal Edge Detection under Difficult Imaging 
1072I   Oral    Deguchi         Determination of Sign of Curvature on Surface    
1073I   Poster  Bab-Hadiashar   Robust Motion Segmentation Using Rank Ordering
1074I   Oral    Bab-Hadiashar   Robust Total least Squares Based Optic Flow
1075I   Poster  Ferri           Sketch Up: Towards Qualitative Shape Data
1076I   Poster  Ferri           Point Selection:  A New Comparison Scheme for Size
1081I   Poster  Leow            Perceptually Consistent Segmentation of Texture  
1082I   Poster  Akutsu          Active Viewpoint Control for Shape from Occluding
1083I   Poster  Chai            Robust Epipolar Geometry Estimation Using Genetic
1084I   Poster  Chen            Hierarchical Segmentation and Representation with
1085I   Oral    Shimada         3-D Pose Estimation and Model Refinement of An  
1086I   Poster  Quek            Vector Coherence Mapping:  A Parallelizable
1087I   Poster  Mukai           Recovery of Motion and Structure from Optical Flow
1088I   Poster  Lai             Query Expansion by Raw Image Features and Text  
1089I   Poster  Murakami        Digital Template Hough Transform (DTHT) By Using
1092I   Poster  Murakami        An Autonomous Facial Caricaturing Based on a Model
1093I   Poster  Cerrada         A Fast Mesh Deformation Method to Build Spherical
1094I   Oral    Imagawa         Real-Time Tracking of Human Hands from a Sign-Lang
1095I   Poster  Pagliari        Evolutionary Methods Applied to Binocular
1096I   Oral    Taniguchi       Evidence-Based Scene Interpretation Considering
1097I   Oral    Chaumette       A Bayes Nets-Based Prediction/Verification Scheme
1099I   Poster  Mohamed         Illumination Color from Blurred Inter-Reflection of A
1100I   Poster  Ye              Tracking a Person with Pre-recorded Image Database
1102I   Oral    Katefuchi       A Method of Industrial Parts Surface Inspection
1103I   Poster  Oshiro          Foveated Vision for Scene Exploration
1104I   Poster  Pearce          On Learning Spatio-Temporal Relational Structures
1105I   Oral    Li              Dynamic Calibration of an Active Vision System to
1107I   Poster  Sugimoto        Conic Based Image Transfer for 2-D Objects --A   
1108I   Poster  Li              Edge-Preserving Smoothing by Convex Minimization:
1113I   Poster  Zhang           A New Multistage Approach to Motion and Structure
1116I   Oral    Kirihara        Shape Modeling from Multiple View Images   
1118I   Oral    Mukaigawa       Face Synthesis with Arbitrary Pose and Expression 
1119I   Poster  Berthilsson     Projective Reconstruction of 3D-Curves
1120I   Oral    Daum            Out of the Dark:  Using Shadows to Reconstruct 3D
1121I   Poster  Or              An Efficient Iterative Pose Estimation Algorithm  
1124I   Poster  Utsumi          Multiple Camera Based Human Motion Estimation
1126I   Oral    Jenkin          Actively Building Models with VIRTUE
1130I   Poster  Xu              A Simple Linear Algorithm for Motion from Three
1132I   Poster  Pramadihanto    Identifying Faces under Varying Pose Using a   
1134I   Poster  Iwai            Gesture Recognition from Image Motion Based on   
1135I   Oral    Jojic           Estimating Cloth Draping Parameters from Range
1137I   Poster  Zha             Next Best Viewpoint (NBV) Planning for Active
1138I   Poster  Byne            Surface Based Hypothesis Verification in Intensity
1139I   Poster  Mclvor          Recognition of Simple Curved Surfaces From 3D
1142I   Oral    Jurie           Robust Hypothesis Verification: Application to   
1146I   Poster  Lau             Montage:  An Image Database for the Fashion,
1149I   Poster  Lan             Precise Matching by Robust Estimation of
1150I   Poster  Kato            Motion Compensated Color Video Classification

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