Pervasive Query Processing

Welcome to Catalac, a research project in the database area at the Computer Science and Engineering Department of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST).  This project is named after a catalac catamaran, which is a double-hull sailboat with great stability and flexibility for ocean journeys.

We recognize the resonance between maritime explorations and our database research.  Oceans are open, vast, and full of movements and changes.  Sailors track their way through open sea by actively observing and responding to winds, waves and currents.  Faced with tremendous amounts of floating data in networked environments, such as the Internet, pervasive computing, and sensor networks, we are designing and building vessels for cruising these oceans of data. We are also studying techniques to detect and utilize the regularities and to accommodate the irregularities in the data flows.  Our ultimate goal is to ease the surfing and navigation through the digital ocean by answering queries anytime, anywhere on the journey.

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