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Prof. LU Hongjun's Scholarship Fund

In loving memory of Hongjun and to carry on his unswerving pursuit for the broadening of knowledge in the database research through education, the Department of Computer Science will establish a memorial scholarship fund under Hongjun's name. The scholarship fund will be managed by a committee at HKUST. Our initial plan is to make use of the revenue generated from the fund for scholarship awards to be given away to selected applicants who should be postgraduate students from universities in Hong Kong and Mainland China in pursuit of database research. Details on the application and selection procedures are yet to be confirmed.

We are now soliciting donations and contributions to this scholarship. For those who are interested in contributing to the "Hongjun Lu Memorial Scholarship", please visit the following URL for further information:

Prof Hongjun Lu Scholarship Fund

Lionel Ni
Professor and Head

Condolence messages

Professor Hongjun Lu, 25 December 19453 March 2005


Prematurely taken from us, a void remains at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in the place of our cherished colleague, teacher, mentor and friend, Professor Hongjun Lu.


A dedicated and brilliant academic respected by his peers, and a wonderful tutor viewed with equal measures of affection and reverence by his students, Hongjun lost his fight against cancer on the evening of 3 March. 


As in his research, as in his teaching, Hongjun demonstrated exemplary mental strength, commitment, patience and courage as he bravely faced the challenges presented by his illness.


Typically, as he prepared to leave Hong Kong on his final journey to the Mainland, he had only smiles to spare for his colleagues and friends. It speaks volumes of the man that, even during this difficult moment, his primary concern was to reassure those close to him that there was hope for the future rather than to linger on his own plight.


Hongjun’s generous spirit and warm nature will be deeply missed. No longer will we enjoy his offers of tea, or the engaging conversation that always accompanied a drink with him. His colleagues in the Computer Science office still talk fondly of the occasion when, while away on sabbatical during Chinese New Year, Hongjun ensured that his co-workers each received his lai see packets and good wishes. For those who knew him, such demonstrations of his remarkable compassion and concern for others come as no surprise.


An acclaimed computer scientist, Hongjun Lu was without a doubt one of the pioneers of database development in China. His desire to bring down barriers in the world was reflected in his work. Indeed, nothing could be more symbolically fitting than that this modest man, who possessed a remarkable humanity and a rare ability to nurture friendships that spanned the globe, should be remembered for helping integrate China’s database systems with those of other countries.


Hongjun took his BSc from Tsinghua University, China, and his MSc and PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His versatility knew no bounds, and after a successful spell working in the private sector at Honeywell, he moved into academia taking up a post at the National University of Singapore.


Messages of condolence for Hongjun have flooded into HKUST from all over the world, many of them from his former students and colleagues in Singapore. The loyalty and steadfastness of Hongjun’s character are demonstrated by the fact that he remained at NUS for over 12 years, before the call of the Motherland led him back towards China and his position at HKUST, where he joined us in 1998.


Hongjun leaves a tremendous legacy with his seminal work on data and knowledge base management systems, query processing and optimization, physical database design and database performance.


Respected as he was, his expertise was also called upon by numerous organizations. He was a trustee of the VLDB Endowment, a member of the ACM SIGMOD Advisory Board (1998-2002), an associate editor of IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, chair of the steering committee of the International Conference on Web-Age Information Management, and co-chair (1998-2001) and chair (2001-2003) of the steering committee of the Pacific-Asia Conference of Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining.


With his unstinting devotion to his family, friends and work, Hongjun leaves behind a vast number of grieving people whose lives he touched and improved with his presence. From Asia to North America and on across to Europe, it is testament to the esteem in which he and his work are held that the name of Hongjun Lu recurs again and again.


Hongjun is survived by his beloved wife Juqing Zhu, and his cherished daughter, Ying Lu. His memory will live forever in them, and among his extended family at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.





















陸教授的學術成就廣獲推崇,他曾任VLDB Endowment信託人、美國計算機器學會SIGMOD顧問委員(1998-2002)、電機及電子工程師學會學術期刊Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering副編輯、萬維網時代資訊管理國際研討會籌備會主席、及知識探索及數據挖掘亞太區研討會籌備委員會協同主席(1998-2001)及主席(2001-03)






The HKUST committee for Prof Hongjun Lu’s memorial

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