Smart City Research Group

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Group members:

Prof. Lionel M. Ni, Prof. Lei Chen, Prof. Huamin Qu, Prof. Jianping Fan

Dr. Yunhuai Liu, Dr. Hongzi Zhu

Siyuan Liu, Yiming Luo, Jiansu Pu, Haochao Li, Maocheng Li.

Partial data:

I. GPS data

1. Taxis

2. Buses

3. Video in field (1 2 3)

4. Readme

II. Mobile phone data

1. Mobile phone social networks

Graph in a day


2. Population burst detection

Normal day (0900-1400)

Burst day (0900-1400)


Please note that, considering the website space cost, we now only publish partial data, and we will keep on uploading more data.

Research papers and technical reports:

1. Siyuan Liu, Yunhuai Liu, Lionel M. Ni, Jianping Fan, and Minglu Li. Towards Mobility-based Clustering. In Proc. Of ACM KDD 2010.

Description: Description: hotDescription: Description: h1

(Hot spots in the city) (Taxi traces in a week in the city)

2. Siyuan Liu, Lei Chen, Lionel M. Ni, Jianping Fan. CIM: Categorical Influence Maximization. In Proc. Of ACM ICUIMC 2011.

Description: Description: soDescription: Description: so2

Description: Description: u

(Mobile phone social networks and user study[5])

3. Siyuan Liu, Yiming Luo, Lei Chen, Lionel M. Ni, Jianping Fan. Efficient Mining Dynamic Distributed Population Bursts (technical reports in PDF1 and PDF2).

Description: Description: b

(Dynamic population distribution)

4. Yiming Luo, Siyuan Liu, Lionel M. Ni. Mobile Phone Data Feature Study (technical report in PDF).

5. Jiansu Pu, Panpan Xu, Huamin Qu, Weiwei, Cui, Siyuan Liu, Lionel M. Ni. Visual Analysis of People's Mobility Pattern from Mobile Phone Data (technical report in PDF).


Description: Description: m2

Description: Description: m

(Mobile phone user's mobility pattern)

6. Maocheng Li, Siyuan Liu, Lionel M. Ni. Social Networks Mining from Mobile Phone Call Records (technical report in PDF).

7. Hongzi Zhu, Yanmin Zhu, Minglu Li, and Lionel M. Ni. SEER: Metropolitan-scale Traffic Perception Based on Lossy Sensory Data (in PDF). In Proc. of Infocom 09'.

8. Hongzi Zhu, Yanmin Zhu, Minglu Li, and Lionel M. Ni. HERO: Online Real-time Vehicle Tracking in Shanghai (in PDF). In Proc. of Infocom 08'.

Contact us:

Siyuan Liu,