I want to attend SoCG 2000--what do I do?

Pre-registration for SoCG 2000 has ended. You are still more than welcome to attend the conference, where you can register on-site.

Note that for on-site registration we can accept cash in Hong Kong currency only. (You can use the bank on campus.) The on-site registration rates are as follows:

ACM Members HK$2200
Non-ACM Members HK$2640
Students HK$1200

Book a flight to Hong Kong. The official conference cocktail hour starts at 6:00pm on Sunday, June 11, 2000. The first talk is at 9:00am on Monday, June 12. The last talk ends at 5:20pm on Wednesday, June 14. If you wish to attend the Sharir Fest Workshop, it starts at 10:45 on Sunday morning. Print out the webpage with our instructions for getting to HKUST, and keep the printout with your plane tickets.
16th Annual ACM Symposium on Computational Geometry 2000