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Dr. Ngok LAM (cv available upon request)

BEng (CUHK), MPhil (CUHK), M.S (Calif), PhD (McGill)

Email: lamngok at cse dot ust dot hk


Ngok LAM received his post secondary education from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (through secondary six early admission scheme), the University of California, and the McGill University. While at the University of California he was being supported by the DARPA studentship, and he was supported by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) studentship while at the McGill University. His primary research interest is concerned with the design of a speical kind of overlay network known as the Service Overlay Network (SON). It is well known that the Internet is unable to provide meaningful end-to-end Quality of Service guarantees (QoS) because of its decentralized nature. The Service Overlay Network is a proposed solution to this E2E QoS provisioning problem. With its special structure, the Service Overlay Network is able to provide reliable end-to-end QoS support on top of the Internet infrastructure without violating the Internet's canonical architecture. It has recently gained significant attention in the networking community as a viable alternative to overcome some fundamental functionality limitations of the Internet. Like many other telecommunications services, service overlay network is believed to exhibit network externalities in that the value of the network increases with the number of its users. Once the network reaches a "critical mass", it will continue to grow in a self-reinforced manner. Ngok LAM's primary research interests are the economic design of a SON network and the optimal pricing of the SON services. By studying the SON design problem in an economic framework, it is possible to provide a financially feasible option to both the SON investors and the SON consumers in realizing the SON infrastructure, which helps the SON network to reach a "critical mass" that would eventually lead to the success of the SON as a service provider network.


Courses taught:

USTM 16 Linux System Administration
Topics covered: Linux system and directory, storage media, memory management, system monitoring, configuration tools, access control, managing user accounts, backups, task automation.

USTM 18 Windows Server Administration
Topics covered: Planning server deployments, infrastructure services, active directory deployment, application services, file and print services, storage solutions, planning for high availability, setting up the IIS Web Server.

Comp 104/1004 Programming Fundamentals and Methodology
Topics covered: Basic C++ syntax, data types, operators, control flow, Functions, Array and structure, Pointers, Dynamic memory allocation/deallocation, Abstract data type, Class, File input / output.

Comp 1941 Computational Thinking for Everyone in the Internet Age
Topics covered: Great ideas in computer science, software development using Scratch, and Byob.

Comp 180/2611 Computer Organization
Topics covered: Logic design, data representation, instructions set design, datapath design, interrupts and exceptions, pipelining, memory system, performance and cost analysis, assembly language programming.

Comp 251/3031 Principles of Programming Languages
Topics covered: Functional programming, grammars and expressions, logic programming, procedure activations.

Comp 231/3311 Database Management Systems
Topics covered: Conceptual modeling and data models, logical and physical database design, the SQL query language and query processing, PL/SQL, triggers, the ODBC interface, indexes, clusters, database concurrency, crash recovery, security and integrity, performance optimization.

Comp 252/3511 Operating Systems
Topics covered: Processes, threads, and multi-threaded programming; CPU scheduling, synchronization, mutual exclusion; deadlocks and the corresponding solutions, memory management and virtual memory, device management, file systems, security and protection.

Comp 361/4621 Computer Communication Networks
Topics covered:Routers and bridges, internet protocols (TCP/IP, Diffserv, IntServ, etc.); congestion control and QoS, multicast and broadcast algorithms, network performance and programming, introduction to network security.

Comp 381/4611 Design and Analysis of Computer Architectures
Topics covered: Analysis, synthesis and evaluation of computer architectures, computer architecture design, pipelining, memory hierarchy, input/output, instruction set design, vector processing, and multiprocessing.

Comp 4901C Introduction to Mobile Application Development Using Android
(2014 Summer, 2014 Fall)
Topics covered: The Android SDK and development environment, Android virtual device, Android user interface, 2D graphics support in Android, 2D animation in Android, Multimedia support in Android.

CSIT 530/5300 Advanced Database Systems
Topics covered: Tree and hash indexes, query processing, query optimization, physical database design, transactions, concurrency control protocols.


Research Interests:

Technical Reports

  1. Ngok Lam "Optimization Algorithms, Implementations and Discussions ", Technical report [PDF]

  2. Ngok Lam "A simple bound on the game server computing power ", Technical report [PDF]

  3. Ngok Lam, Zbigniew Dziong, Lorne G. Mason, "Capacity Allocation in Service Overlay Networks - MP vs MC ", Technical report [PDF]

Poster Presentations

  1. Ngok Lam, Zbigniew Dziong, Lorne G. Mason, "Designing Service Overlay Networks by Decompositions", SYTACom Research Workshop 2009.

  2. Ngok Lam, Zbigniew Dziong, Lorne G. Mason, "Optimal Capacity Allocation in Service Overlay Networks", 5th Workshop on Optimization of Optical Networks 2008.

  3. Ngok Lam, Zbigniew Dziong, Lorne G. Mason, "Optimal Capacity Allocation in Service Overlay Networks", MITACS/MASCOS Joint Workshop on Fusion, Mining and Security for Networks, 2008.


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