• BEng in Computer Engineering, 2020

    The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

  • MPhil in Computer Science and Engineering, 2023

    The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

About David

I am David MAK (麥正衡, MAK Ching Hang), a PhD student of TACO Lab of HKUST under the supervision of Prof. Lionel Parreaux. My research interest is mainly on program optimizations, as well as the middle end and backend implementation of compilers and virtual machines.

I gained a passion for programming since I was a kid tinkering with GUI programs written in Borland C++. During my undergraduate studies in HKUST, I have primarily focused on embedded systems programming and high-performance computing with an emphasis on good software engineering practices. While my MPhil thesis has been on software analysis techniques, I joined TACO Lab to further my interests in making programs go vroom.