COMP171 Schedule and Notes


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Class Schedule and Notes:


 Week of




Assignment Schedule

Sept. 4

Introduction & C++ (1)

 intro.ppt  C++.ppt

 Weiss 1



Sept. 11

pointers in C++


 Weiss 1.5



Recursion and Basic Math

 recursion and basic math.ppt

 Weiss 1.1 1.2


Sept. 18

Linked List

Basic math: proof by induction (Sept 19)

 Weiss 3

PA1 out


Linked Lists (2)

 Linked List.ppt,(Sept 21)


 Weiss 3


Sept. 25

Stack and Queue

Examples for linked list: list.h, list.cpp


 Weiss 3.3  3.4



Algorithm and Analysis


 Weiss 2


Oct. 2

Algorithm and Analysis(2)


 Weiss 2


Oct 9

Algorithm Analysis: (3),

Class Quiz (topics: basic math, linked list, algorithm analysis),


Algorithm Analysis.ppt,


 Chapter 2.4.3

PA1 due 5pm on Oct 9th

WA1 out

Oct 16 Discussion of Quiz Solutions, Insertion Sort, Merge Sort insertionsort.ppt


Chapter 7.2, 7.2.3

Chapter 7.6



Discussion of WA1 problems; Quick Sort


 Weiss 7.7



Heap and Heap Sort


 Weiss 7.5



Heapsort (cont.)


 Weiss 7.5


Oct 30

Lower Bound of Sorting and Radix Sort


 Weiss 7.9

 WA1: due in Lecture Time on Oct 24, 2006.

Nov. 1 Midterm Review


Past Exam Sample.pdf

Past Exam Sample-Sol.pdf


Spring05 midterm exam.pdf

Midterm Review Slides


Nov. 6, evening 6-9 pm

Midterm Exam

(Note: Please bring a calculator if you can)

(Coverage: Week 1 to Lowerbound on Sorting, inclusive.   Refer to Lecture Notes)


Midterm Exam Location: LT A, Free Seating.  Be sure to arrive early!




Binary Search Tree,


 Weiss 4.3 but 4.3.6 is optional


Nov. 6

AVL Trees


Weiss 4.4, Weiss 4.7


WA2 Out, PA2 Out

Nov. 13 

AVL Trees, B+ Trees

avl-tree part2.ppt

btree1.ppt, btree2.ppt

Weiss 4.7

Some Practice




graph_bfs.ppt , bfs2

Weiss 9.1 9.3

WA2 in: Lecture Time, Nov 16.


Breadth-first search

 Quiz 2: Solutions

Weiss 9.3.1


Nov 27

Depth-first search



PA2 in: 20th of November, 2006 at 5:00 pm, via CASS system


Connected Component




Nov. 27, Dec 4

Topological Sort, 







Weiss 5.1 5.4


Dec. 7

Review for Final Exam


  • Exam Q&A Session 1:  Room 4503, 18 Dec 2006 (Mon), 14:00-16:00

  • Exam Q&A Session 2: Room 4503, 20 Dec 2006 (Wed), 14:00-16:00


A sample final exam with solutions

A checklist for review


PA3 due Dec 8th, 5pm

Final Exam Info:

22/12/06 (FRI)   12:30-03:30 (pm)   G017
1. Covers the entire semester. 
2. Based on all lecture notes and assignments





All Source Code in Figures from Our Textbook

Some useful resources for C++

l           A nice C++ Tutorial with Examples