COMP 221: Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence
Fall 2007

Instructor: Qiang Yang  Office Hours Mondays/Wednesdays1:30-2:30pm,   Room 3563.
Teaching Assistant: Derek Hao Hu (derekhh@cse., office hour: Mondays
13:00 - 15:00,  room 4211)

Lectures: Tue, Thu, 16:30-17:50, Rm2503.
: Starting on second week, held on  every week.:   T1 (Room 2612, Fridays 14:00pm-14:50pm), T2: (Room 2612, Fridays 15:00pm to 15:50pm)
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Overview: Introduction to artificial intelligence and the AI tools and techniques in applications. Topics include foundations (search, knowledge representation, machine learning and natural language understanding) and applications (data mining, decision support systems, adaptive web sites, web log analysis). 

Prerequisite: COMP 171 or equivalent.  Considerable computer science sophistication expected, but no prior knowledge of AI is necessary. Knowledge of a programming language especially either C++ or Java is required.

Text:  Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig: <<Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach>> Prentice Hall, 2003, Second Edition.  Occasionally, the instructor will recommend other books and papers.  Some knowledge of probability and statistics will be very helpful.





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