COMP 221, Fall 2007: Lecture Material

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Topic and Lecture Notes



(WA=written assignment,
PA = programming assignment)

Sept 3  Introduction (ppt)
 Search 1: ppt
Chapters 1, 2, 3  
Sept 10 Search 2: Heuristic Search
The 15-Puzzle
Chapter 3 and Chapter 4
WA1 out, PA1 Out
Sept 17 Local Search and Genetic Algorithms

Simulated Annealing

The 8-Queens Demo

Chapter 4
Genetic Algorithm Demo: TSP
Genetic Algorithm Demo: NQueens

(CSP) Chapter 5

WA1 in: Sept 20
Sept 24  Game Tree Search (ppt)

Othello Demo, Tic-Tac-Toe Demo

Chapter 6
Oct 1 Inference in Propositional Logic,
Theorem Proving in FOL 
Some exercises
Chapters 7

Chapter 9

Oct 8 Theorem Proving in FOL (2)
Chapter 10 PA1 in Oct 8, 11:59 pm WA2 Out
Oct 15 Planning (ppt)
PDDL by Example (M. Veloso)

An Introduction to PDDL (M. Helmert)
Application to Software Engineering: Example

Chapters 11, 12

FF Planner Page

PDDL Definition

Domain Examples

WA2 in Oct 19
Oct 22


review for midterm
Oct 29

Review for Midterm (Cont.)

Nov 1, Thursday

Review for Midterm

Some Old Exams from Berkeley

Review notes by Chapters

Midterm Exam:  2503 (same room as lectures) | 01 Nov 2007 (Thu) | 19:00-21:00pm

Midterm Statistic:
  • max: 100
  • min: 67
  • mean=86
  • std=10
Nov 5


 Bayesian Learning

NB Example

Decision Tree Learning

Weka Package  Chapter 18.1 to 18.320.2 (Naive Bayesian Models)

20.3 (Learning Bayesian Net with Hidden Variables)

WA3 Out



Nov 12 Neural Networks,
(Neural Net PDF - supplement material from Russell and Norvig's Book)

NN Example



WA3 in Nov 15

PA2 out Nov 13

Team building for Robot Project: Nov 13

Nov 19 Support Vectors Machines    
Nov 26

Game Theory

  PA2 in
Dec 3

Fill out the course evaluation:

Final Exam Review

  Group Project Demo: Dec 10, Rm 2612  | 10 Dec 2007 (Mon) | 13:00-17:00

Report Due: Dec 17, 5pm via email to TA.

Second midterm Exam

Dec 8, Saturday, 3-5pm. Room 2304.

The 2nd midterm exam covers the second half of the course

  • The Second Midterm Exam Marks: here

  • We are organizing a session for exam paper checking for the 2nd midterm exam (papers are not to be taken away by students).  We will hold this session  from 1-3pm on Monday, Dec 17 in 4211 with Derek.


Robot Project Results:

Final Project Standings: [pdf]

Final Project Results for each match: [txt]

Pictures and Movies from our Legocup '07: url


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