Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Advanced Data Mining
COMP 4332 / RMBI 4310

M/W 12pm--1:20pm, Room 3006 (Lift 17/18)
Tutorials: Thur. 6pm-6:50pm

Week of ...



Assignments and Projects

(BI: Business Intelligence by C. Vercellis; ML: Machine Learning by E. Alpaydin; TL: Tang and Liu book; TSK: Tan, Steinbach, Kumar Book.

Semester Starts: Feb 1


 * First tutorial on Thursday at 6pm.

Feb 6

Dimensionality Reduction

 Project 1: Tutorial Introduction

  • BI: 6.3
  • ML: 6.3, 6.5 -6.8
  • Paper: PCA link
  • Paper: Graph Embedding link

Feb 13


Project 1;
Assignment 1

  • BI: 8.2-8.5, 10.5
  • ML: 10.7
  • BI: 10.2; ML: 3.3;
  • ML:17
  • N. Chawla,  Data Mining for Imbalanced Datasets: An Overview, In: O. Maimon and L. Rokach, Eds., Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Handbook, Springer, New York, 2010, pp. 875-886: link

Feb 20

Bayesian and Graphical  Methods


  • BI: 10:4;
  • ML: 16.2,16.3,16.6

Feb 27

Text and Web Mining

Assignment 2

Mar 5

 Time Series, Streaming Data


Mar 12

Large-scale Computation

Project 2  

Mar 19

Social Networks/Media

  • Social Networks and Graphs (PPT)

Assignment 3

  • TL: 1-3

Mar 26

Social Networks/Media

  • Community Detection and Graph-based Clustering (PPT)

** Students sign up for presentation topics

  • TL: 4-5

Apr 2

Recommendation Systems

  • Matrix Reviewed (PPT)
  • Collaborative Filtering (PPT)



Youtube Recommendation|


Apr 9

Social Recommendation Systems


Apr 16

Presentations and term papers

Each student should give two class presentations (20 minute each) using PowerPoint or PDF slides, and write a 10-page term paper on the chosen topic.

Please select papers in recent 3 years from the listed conference proceedings (see right column).  Please choose papers on topics relevant to social media, social networks and social recommendations


ACM RecSys




IEEE SocialCom

ACM TIST Special Issue on Social Rec.


Apr 23

Presentations and demos


Presentations and Term Paper Schedule and Requirement


May 14: 9:30 -15:30

Presentations (30 min/student)

Final Project Report and Term Paper are due on May 14th, 2012


 For details on the term paper, please see the above link.


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