A Decomposition and Abstraction Based Approach

By Qiang Yang

Foreword by Professor Martha Pollack

planning book
Springer Verlag, 1997. XV, 264 pp. Hardcover DM 68.- USD 49.95
ISBN 3-540-61901-1

AI Planning is an active research and applications field concerned with action and plan representation, plan synthesis and reasoning, analysis of planning algorithms, plan execution and monitoring, and plan reuse and learning. This monograph on planning, using Artificial Intelligence methods, may serve both as an advanced textbook and as a general reference book. The book provides a clear, thorough coverage of key areas of classical AI planning. Its main theme is to build more intelligence on a set of basic algorithms and representations for planning. It presents advanced techniques for plan generation using decomposition and plan merging and for analyzing and comparing planning algorithms. The book contains illustrations, examples, algorithms analysis, tables and extensive references.

The book on AI planning is both a textbook and a general reference book. Assuming only minimal reader knowledge, it will interest not only seasoned researchers but also readers in Computer Science, Engineering, Management Science and Cognitive Science.

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