To Prospective Students


Several PhD positions with full scholarships are available. The PhD program at the Guangzhou campus has the same academic structure with the Clear Water Bay campus, including English as the teaching language, the same PhD graduate certificate, a highly competitive scholarship, etc.

HKUST(GZ) creates an exceptional opportunity for new resources, organizational structure and physical settings needed for the systematic development of cross-disciplinary programs in concert with the disciplinary-oriented efforts on the HKUST Clear Water Bay campus. Under the Unified HKUST-Complementary Campuses umbrella, academic structures and degree programs are differentiated, the overall infrastructures substantially enlarged and updated, and courses and central research facilities open to students and researchers both ways. Even though the two campuses are of separate legal entities and financial frameworks, faculty are encouraged and supported to collaborate and co-supervise students, and students will have opportunities to pursue degrees offered by both campuses. This way, members of both campuses will freely choose their research topics and related studies with University’s overall enlarged scope, with more flexibility and better support.

One can find more information about the PhD program at HKUST(GZ) here.

The Supervisor

Prof. Wei Wang is a Professor in the Information Hub, HKUST(GZ). Before that, he was a Red Bird Visiting Professor at HKUST, and a Professor in the School of Computer Science and Engineering, UNSW, Australia.

His current research areas include:

  • Integration of DB/System and AI (DB+AI),
  • High-dimensional data (modelling, query processing and learning),
  • Machine/Deep Learning (Knowledge graphs, Natural Language Processing, Adversarial Machine Learning, etc.),
  • Cross-disciplinary research (Material Genomics, EDA, etc.).

For more details, please refer to Prof. Wang’s homepage.


  1. Esssential requirements

    • Bechalor/Master degree in a reputable institute in relevant disciplines
    • High ethnical and academic standards, honesty and good at communication (oral and written)
    • Self-motivated and life-long learning
    • Uploading a high academic standard and able to work under pressure
  2. Minimum language requirements

    • TOEFL 550 (pBT) or 80 (iBT, in one single attempt)
    • IELTS (Academic Module): Overall 6.5, and all sub-scores: 5.5
  3. Additional preferences

    • Excellent maths and programming skills
    • Publications in top conferences or journals
    • Salient characteristics, such as strong curiosity, independent thinking, or “hungary and foolish”.

香港科技大学(广州)数据管理/机器学习 2023全奖PhD学生

王炜 —— 香港科技大学(广州)信息枢纽终身正教授。王炜教授正招收多名全奖博士生,现在至2023年春季秋季入学均可。港科大广州校区与港科大香港校区将在各学科和领域上积极合作,港科大广州的特色在于融合学科(具体介绍请见学校网站)。港科大广州校区的学术制度和香港清水湾校区相同,包括同样的毕业证书,有竞争力的博士奖学金等。




他目前的研究方向为高维数据建模和查询数据库与人工智能技术融合(DB+AI)知识图谱和自然语言处理对抗机器学习,以及跨学科的研究工作(例如电力系统,控制和生物医学等)。他的绝大部分论文发表在计算机顶级会议和期刊上(例如SIGMOD, VLDB,ICDE,WWW、AAAI、IJCAI, SIGIR,TODS, VLDBJ, TKDE),并获得SIGCOMM 2022, ICMR 2021最佳论文奖和DASFAA 2016最近学生论文奖。他现任顶级期刊TKDE和Journal of Material Informatics的副编辑,并多个国际顶级会议中担任重要组织者(例如近期的IEEE BigData 2023程序委员会主席, ICDE19和ICDE14程序委员会副主席,EDBT19最佳论文委员会委员等)。他多次在顶级会议中做演讲及辅导报告(例如近期的KDD21和VLDB20)。他在澳洲工作时持续获得多项1类(Category 1)研究项目资助(包括7个ARC Discovery Projects,其中4个是独立申请主持)以及大量工业界项目(为澳洲多个国家政府部门构建了专有的知识图谱系统及智能应用)。

导师主页 /~weiwcs/



  • 2022年QS全球大学排名全球顶尖1300所大学排名第34
  • 2021年QS全球大学排名最佳50所创校未满50年大学排名第2
  • 2019年全球就业能力大学排名第10




  • 重点院校理工科专业的学士/硕士学位
  • 品格端正,诚信为首,乐于沟通(书面及口头)
  • 有一定的自我驱动和自我学习能力
  • 有较好的抗压能力和较高的自我要求


  • 良好的英文水平:托福550分(纸考)/80(机考)及以上 或 雅思6.5,均分不低于5.5


  • 优秀的数学和编程能力
  • 发表过相关领域顶会论文优先
  • 有强烈科研好奇心,独立思考精神或自我挑战者优先


请将个人简历(包含本科/硕士阶段GPA)发送至 weiwcs AT




王炜教授实验室收招博士后,访问学生或研究助理。请将个人简历(包含本科/硕士阶段GPA)发送至 weiwcs AT