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Weighted Sampling For Masked Language Modeling

Graph Self-supervised Learning with Augmentation-aware Contrastive Learning

Boosting Accuracy and Robustness of Student Models via Adaptive Adversarial Distillation

Software-defined Network Assimilation: Bridging the Last Mile Towards Centralized Network Configuration Management with NAssim

Reinforcement Learning Based Query Vertex Ordering Model for Subgraph Matching

Neural Subgraph Counting with Wasserstein Estimator

MDERank: A Masked Document Embedding Rank Approach for Unsupervised Keyphrase Extraction

Deep Learning for Approximate Nearest Neighbour Search: A Survey and Future Directions

A Home Energy Management Incorporating Uncertainty-Aware User Preference

Two-Stream Convolution Augmented Transformer for Human Activity Recognition

Sent2Span: Span Detection for PICO Extraction in the Biomedical Text without Span Annotations

Recent Advances in Entity Resolution

On Entity Alignment at Scale

KS-GNN: Keywords Search over Incomplete Graphs via Graphs Neural Network

Improving the Efficiency and Effectiveness for BERT-based Entity Resolution

High-Dimensional Similarity Query Processing for Data Science

GCP: Graph Encoder with Content-Planning for Sentence Generation from Knowledge Base

DAIR: A Query-Efficient Decision-based Attack on Image Retrieval Systems

Consistent and Flexible Selectivity Estimation for High-Dimensional Data

Adversarial Defense by Diversified Simultaneous Training of Deep Ensembles

A Smart Adversarial Attack on Deep Hashing Based Image Retrieval

A Single-to-Multi Network for Latency-Free Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring

VHP: Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search via Virtual Hypersphere Partitioning

Similarity Query Processing for High-Dimensional Data

SMINT: Towards Interpretable and Robust Model Sharing for Deep Neural Networks

Recursively Binary Modification Model for Nested Named Entity Recognition

Monotonic Cardinality Estimation of Similarity Selection: A Deep Learning Approach

I/O Efficient Approximate Nearest Neighbour Search based on Learned Functions

GraphER: Token-Centric Entity Resolution with Graph Convolutional Neural Networks

Few-shot Text Classification by Leveraging Bi-directional Attention and Cross-class Knowledge

Efficient Regular Expression Matching Based on Positional Inverted Index

EI-LSH: An early-termination driven I/O efficient incremental c-approximate nearest neighbor search

Degree-Aware Alignment for Entities in Tail

An Experimental Study of State-of-the-Art Entity Alignment Approaches

A Recurrent Model for Collective Entity Linking with Adaptive Features

A Note on Graph-Based Nearest Neighbor Search

A Learning Based Approach to Predict Shortest-Path Distances

I-LSH: I/O efficient c-Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search in High-dimensional Space

How to best use Syntax in Semantic Role Labelling

Generalizing the Pigeonhole Principle for Similarity Search in Hamming Space

Extracting Definitions and Hypernyms with a Two-Phase Framework

Efficient Query Autocompletion with Edit Distance-based Error Tolerance

Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search on High Dimensional Data --- Experiments, Analyses, and Improvement

Antonym-Synonym Classification Based on New Sub-space Embeddings

GPH: Similarity Search in Hamming Space

An Efficient Exact Nearest Neighbor Search by Compounded Embedding


An Adaptive Hierarchical Compositional Model for Phrase Embedding

A Triple Encoder for Sentence Generation from RDF Data

A CRF-based Stacking Model with Extensive Features for NER

Query-Aware Locality-Sensitive Hashing Scheme for $l_p$ Norm

Graph Summarization for Entity Relatedness Visualization

Top-Down XML Keyword Query Processing

Pre-computed Region Guardian Sets Based Reverse kNN Queries

Pre-computed Region Guardian Sets Based Reverse kNN Queries

Local Similarity Search for Unstructured Text

General Purpose Index-based Method for Efficient MaxRS Query

Efficient Maximum Closeness Centrality Group Identification

Effective Order Preserving Estimation Method

BEVA: An Efficient Query Processing Algorithm for Error Tolerant Autocompletion

A systematic review and comparative analysis of cross-document coreference resolution methods and tools

Reverse $k$ Nearest Neighbors Query Processing: Experiments and Analysis

Gapped Set Intersection Size Estimation

Boosting the Quality of Approximate String Matching by Synonyms


AP-Tree: efficiently support location-aware Publish/Subscribe


AP-Tree: Efficiently Support Continuous Spatial-Keyword Queries over Stream

XML keyword search with promising result type recommendations

State-of-the-art in string similarity search and join


Selectivity Estimation on Streaming Spatio-Textual Data Using Local Correlations

I/O-Efficient Dictionary Search with One Edit Error

Efficient Query Processing for XML Keyword Queries based on the IDList Index

VChunkJoin: An Efficient Algorithm for Edit Similarity Joins

Trie-based Similarity Search and Join

Top-Down Keyword Query Processing on XML Data

String Similarity Measures and Joins with Synonyms

Similarity Query Processing for Probabilistic Sets

Probabilistic Skyline Operator over Sliding Windows

Near-duplicate Video Retrieval: Current Research and Future Trends

HmSearch: An Efficient Hamming Distance Query Processing Algorithm

Efficient Processing of Graph Similarity Queries with Edit Distance Constraints

Efficient Error-tolerant Query Autocompletion

Asymmetric Signature Schemes for Efficient Exact Edit Similarity Query Processing

Fast SLCA and ELCA Computation for XML Keyword Queries based on Set Intersection

Efficient Graph Similarity Joins with Edit Distance Constraints

A Space-Efficient Indexing Algorithm for Boolean Query Processing

A Highly Optimized Algorithm for Continuous Intersection Join Queries over Moving Objects

XML Query Answering Using View

XClean: Providing Valid Spelling Suggestions for XML Keyword Queries

Top-k Keyword Search over Probabilistic XML Data

Searching, Analyzing and Exploring Databases

SPARK2: Top-k Keyword Query in Relational Databases

Learning Top-k Transformation Rules

Keyword-based Search and Exploration on Databases

Finding the sites with Best Accessibilities to Amenities

Efficient Similarity Joins for Near Duplicate Detection

Efficient Exact Edit Similarity Query Processing with Asymmetric Signature Schemes

Continuous Monitoring of Distance-Based Range Queries

Unsupervised Moving Object Detection with On-line Generalized Hough Transform

Threshold-based Probabilistic Top-k Dominating Queries

Suggestion of Promising Result Types for XML Keyword Search

Quantile-Based KNN Over Multi-Valued Objects

Probabilistic Reverse Nearest Neighbor Queries on Uncertain Data

PrefIndex: An Efficient Supergraph Containment Search Technique

On-line Learning for PLSA-based Visual Recognition

Multi-class Graph Boosting with Subgraph Sharing for Object Recognition

Multi-Guarded Safe Zone: An Effective Technique to Monitor Moving Circular Range Queries

MapDupReducer: Detecting Near Duplicates over Massive Datasets

Continuous Monitoring of Distance Based Range Queries

Connected Substructure Similarity Search

Top-k Set Similarity Joins

Probabilistic Skyline Operator over Sliding Windows

Lazy Updates: An Efficient Technique to Continuously Monitoring Reverse kNN

Keyword Search on Structured and Semi-structured Data

Informative Frequent Assembled Feature for Face Detection

Efficient Approximate Entity Extraction with Edit Distance Constraints

SPARK: A Keyword Search Engine on Relational Databases

Efficient Similarity Joins for Near Duplicate Detection

Coding-based Join Algorithms for Structural Queries on Graph-Structured XML Document

SPARK: Top-$k$ Keyword Query in Relational Databases

Keyword Search on Relational Databases

AB-Index: An Efficient Adaptive Index for Branching XML Queries

Visual Specification and Optimization of XQuery Using VXQ

Towards Multidimensional Subspace Skyline Analysis

Space-efficient Relative Error Order Sketch over Data Streams

Efficient Computation of k-Medians over Data Streams with Small Memory

Term Graph Model for Text Classification

Stabbing the Sky: Efficient Skyline Computation over Sliding Windows

Similarity Search with Implicit Object Features

Practical Indexing XML Document for Twig Query

Locating Motifs in Time-Series Data

Labeling Scheme and Structural Joins for Graph-Structured XML Data

Efficient Processing of XML Path Queries Using the Disk-based F&B Index

Efficient Computation of the Skyline Cube

Efficient Processing of XML Twig Queries with OR-Predicates

Bloom Histogram: Path Selectivity Estimation for XML Data with Updates

XR-Tree: Indexing XML Data for Efficient Structural Joins

PBiTree Coding and Efficient Processing of Containment Joins

Holistic Twig Joins on Indexed XML Documents

Containment Join Size Estimation: Models and Methods

AFOPT: An Efficient Implementation of Pattern Growth Approach

XParent: An Efficient RDBMS-Based XML Database System

Path Materialization Revisited: An Efficient Storage Model for XML Data

Condensed Cube: An Effective Approach to Reducing Data Cube Size

Three-tier Clustering: An Online Citation Clustering System