Yin Zhu

Quantitative Researcher
Personal Email: zhuyin.nju@gmail.com

Yin Zhu (朱寅) is a partner at Shenzhen Practicality Capital Management (深圳知行通达私募基金). He leads the firm's Quantitative Research Department. Previously he worked for Citadel Securities as Quantitative Researcher, responsible for its High Frequency Trading in Asian equity markets. Before Citadel, he had research internships at Microsoft Research, Huawei, and Trafigura.

Yin received a PhD from HKUST under the supervision of Prof. Qiang Yang and a BS in Computer Science from Nanjing University. During his PhD, he was awarded the Google PhD Fellowship in 2012, for his research in Transfer Learning and its applications to Mobile Computing. He also had extensive experiences in competitive programming and machine learning contests, winning a gold medal in ACM-ICPC Asia Regional Contest and a champion in Nokia Mobile Data Mining Challenge.

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Selected Publications