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Nelson Chu and Chiew-Lan Tai

Vision & Graphics Group (VisGraph)
Computer Science Department
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Last update: 03.05.2005

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We develop a novel 3D brush model consisting of a skeleton and a surface, which is deformed through constrained energy minimization. The main advantage of our model over existing ones is in its ability to mimic brush flattening and bristle spreading due to brush bending and lateral friction exerted by the paper surface during the painting process. The ability to recreate such deformations is essential to realistic 3D digital painting simulations, especially in the case of Chinese brush painting and calligraphy. To further increase realism, we also model the plasticity of wetted brushes and the resistance exerted by pores on the paper surface onto the brush tip. Our implementation runs on a consumer-level PC in real-time and produces very realistic results.

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Nelson S.-H. Chu and C.-L. Tai, Real-time Painting with an Expressive Virtual Chinese Brush. IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, September/October, 2004 (Vol. 24, No. 5). pp. 76-85.
Paper in PDF (971KB)

Nelson S.-H. Chu and C.-L. Tai, An Efficient Brush Model for Physically-Based 3D Painting, Proc. of Pacific Graphics 2002, Oct. 9-11, Beijing, China, IEEE Press.
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Videos shown during PG'02:
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Abstract Monkey
More description

Year of the Ram Poster
Best Wishes for New Year!
More description


Year of the Ram Poster
For Sylvain Paris
More description

"Chinese Painting"

'Wind Cloud' (original)

After a painting by Zhao Shao Ang. 07.02


Abstract painting,
influenced by Lui Shou-Kwan

After a painting by Ah Chung

Did you see my cat?


Tortoise by David Wong

Sample Strokes

3D sensing setup

Textured brush head
All rights reserved. All paintings and calligraphy by Nelson Chu, unless stated otherwise. Our prototype is powered by these software components. This project was supported by SSRI funding during its early stage of development.

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