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Information for Demoers

Below you will find some more information about the demo venue, equipment, and the schedule.

Some of this information appears on the ACL-2000 Software Demontrations Program page as well.

1) Demo Site

The demos will take place in the theater foyer of the Hong Kong Convention Center. For a first impression of the demo site, visit and click on the "Convention Hall/Theatres" part of the plan (right side of the plan, the area in the middle). A window pops up where the Theatre Foyer is shown.

The tables for the demo will be placed along the foyer walls. The table size is about 180x90 cm.

Please bring at least one poster with the title, the authors, the affiliations, and the main points of your demo which can be fixed against the walls behind the tables. You are of course free to present more than one poster. Your space is limited by the table length.

2) Equipment

Hong Kong has 220 Volt/50 Hertz power. Please check your equipment if it is compatible! Also, it is highly probable that the power plug type is different from that in your country. Please carry some adapters!

All demos that requested Internet connectivity with their submission and in later mails will get connections. There will be two 1.5 Mbit lines. Please provide your own extension cables and plug adapters. There is no information yet which type of cable/hub the local organizers have available.

A PC will be provided for those who requested one after the last mail to you all. We cannot guarantee that the software and hardware configuration you need is installed.

The local organizers still try to organize some beamers from the university. It is way beyond the budget of the conference to rent them. For those who requested either monitors or beamers we will at least provide 17-inch monitors.

3) Schedule

The demos will run from Tuesday, October 3rd, at 13:00, to Thursday, 5th, at 14:30. There are no fixed demo times, where nothing else takes place, Conference attendants might want to look at your demos preferably during breaks, and before and after sessions. Please take care that you are at your demos especially then!

The theatre foyer will be open on Monday afternoon to give you the opportunity to set up your demo.

If you have any questions, please mail to

PS: Please register for the conference pretty soon, and make sure you book your hotel rooms immediately! Hotel rooms are going fast and October is high season in Hong Kong.

Last Update: September 14, 2000