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Transportation to HKUST

Download Location Map here

Download Campus Map here

Public transportation in Hong Kong is excellent and getting to and from HKUST by taxi, the MTR metro, or bus is easy. A map below shows you the main routes connecting Kowloon and Hong Kong island to our campus.


Taxis provide the simplest way to get to the University from the airport. You can find a taxi at the airport taxi stand and expect to pay approximately HK$380 (about US$49) for the journey. Note that only HK currency will be accepted by your driver.

Print a copy of this page and bring it with you in case you need to show the map or the full address in Chinese, as many taxi drivers speak little English.

To the University

The main gate of the campus features a large and easily recognizable sign with the university's name written in both English and Chinese. Past the main gate, a gently sloping driveway leads to the entrance piazza with a large red sundial at its center.

If you are going to on-campus housing, ask the security guard at the main gate to give the taxi driver directions. If you are not going to on-campus housing, you can leave the taxi near the red sundial.

Canteens and cafeterias, the library, offices, and classrooms are in the main academic building directly ahead -- all within easy walking distance from the taxi drop-off point.

From the University

Taxis are generally available at the Transport Interchange at the main entrance to the University or by the entrance piazza.


The Mass Transit Railway (MTR) is an underground subway (metro) system serving Hong Kong island, Kowloon, and the airport.

The MTR is the easiest way for visitors to get around Hong Kong. Tickets can be purchased from machines in the stations on a trip-by-trip basis or you can purchase multi-use Octopus cards at MTR ticket windows. The Octopus smart card for adult use costs HK$150.

The Choi Hung and Lam Tin MTR stations are the closest to the University.


Bus fares are paid upon boarding and vary according to distance and bus route. Exact change is required as drivers do not give change.

An easy and inexpensive way to get from the campus to Hong Kong island or to Kowloon is to take the KMB 298 air-conditioned bus to the Lam Tin MTR station or the KMB 91 or KMB 91M buses (some are air-conditioned) to the Diamond Hill MTR station (stopping en route at the Choi Hung MTR Station). These buses leave from the Transport Interchange at the main entrance to the University. The 298 runs from approximately 6:30 am to 12:00 midnight; the 91 and 91M from approximately 6 am to 11:45 pm.

To get back to the campus, take the KMB 91 or 91M bus (Clear Water Bay direction) either at the bus terminus adjoining the Diamond Hill MTR station, or on Clear Water Bay Road near the Choi Hung MTR Station (MTR Exit B). Or, take the KMB 298 bus at the bus terminus adjoining the Lam Tin MTR station (HKUST direction).