Conference Venue

The sysmposium will be held at lecture theatre LTF on Aug. 4th and LTK on Aug. 5th, Academic Builidng, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST).

Direction to HKUST: Direction 1, Direction 2, and Direction 3.

HKUST Campus Map and Virtual Tour.

Direction to lecture theatre LTF and LTK:

1. LTF is marked in the following map:

2. When you arrive at HKUST, you will first see the red bird sundial sculpture:

3. There is only one big building at HKUST called academic building. You will see a hall after entering the building:

4. Turn right at the hall and you will see the stairs. Go upstairs and then go straight until you see a coffee shop.

5. Please turn left just before the coffee shop and you will see lift 25/26 and then lecture theatre LTF.

5. LTK is marked in the following map. You need to take the escalator around the coffee shop to the second floor and LTK is near lift 31/32.