Image Forensics Search System
What is IFSS?
Image Forensic Search System (IFSS) is free, open source software for image searching. It allows you to
  • search a target image within another image, or
  • search images that are similar to a target image.
An example of how the IFSS system can be used

More information and details are shown below:

Main Purpose of the IFSS Software
The main motivation behind the development of the IFSS software was to assist law enforcement agencies and similar organisations when they need to find whether a particular image (which they already possess) is stored in the typically thousands of images on a hard disk. For example, the police may have an image showing illegal activity of some kind, and wish to automatically search a seized hard disk to see whether the image is on that hard disk.
Flexible and Easy-to-use
The IFSS software uses a simple 'wizard' so the user can quickly choose the source image, type of search, search parameters, and which folder to start searching in.
The two types of search are
  • a search for images which are similar to the source image presented to the system, and
  • a search for the source image inside other images, commonly called image within image search.
Parameters for Image Searching
When you do a search, the IFSS program allows you to prioritise the importance of some visual aspects.
For example, if you are searching for an image of a person then skin colors may be more important than other colors. In this event IFSS may be directed to 'look' for skin colors, and weigh this component more than other colors.
Similarly, the edge information in an image may also be selected as a parameter which should be employed during the search process. There are many other parameters which can be set for the searching process.
Search for Picture in Picture
The IFSS software can be used to search for an image inside one or more other images. For example, given the image of a face, the software can search through hundreds of other images to find the face.