M. J. Golin  -- Publications by Area


This file contains a list of most of my publications classified by subject.  Please note that some papers cross categories and are listed in multiple sections.  Only the most up to date versions of  a paper are listed;  in particular,  if a paper first appeared in a conference and later in a journal then only  the journal version would be listed.  You can also view the publications sorted by date of publication. If you would like a copy of any paper that is not available on this page  please send me email at golin@cs.ust.hk.




Geometry: Most of my research in  this area is in  probabilistic (computational) geometry with a few results  in standard computational geometry as well.


Probabilistic Geometry:


Computational geometry:

Tree Structures: Much of my research in this area revolves around prefix codes which can be represented using trees. Some of my early work also dealt with analysis of mergesort (via the analysis of its merge tree).


Prefix Codes:



Other Tree-Structure Related Papers


Combinatorics:  One large project on counting structures in circulant graphs and a small project on calculating the capacity of two (and higher) dimensional codes. There are also some one-off problems.


Circulant Graphs

Capacity of 2D Codes





Assorted: These are smaller problems that I have worked on that don't fit into the above areas.

Minimum Residual Energy

K-Median problems



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