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Aim of the program:
This program introduces computer programming, information technology, and its applications to the exceptionally gifted students. The aim is to nurture their interest and creativity in using information technology to solve problems of relevancy. Two courses will be organized targeting students from Secondary 2 to Secondary 7 (Priority will be given to Secondary 4 to 7 students of Sciences Enhancement Programmes and / or Mathematics Enhancement Programmes).
[ Information Technology Enrichment Project Course ]
Basic Information:
This course aims to guide 50 Secondary 4 to Secondary 7 students with high potential in computer science to complete an IT project. Secondary 2 and 3 students are welcome to register while priority will be given to Seconday 4 to 7 students. The goal is to nurture their creativity in using IT to solve daily problems as well as to introduce them to some exciting IT technologies. The projects that will be covered in this course are listed as follows: Each group of students will choose a project that matches their interests. The responsible faculty member of the Department of Computer Science of HKUST will lead the group to conduct in-depth discussion and investigations. Whenever appropriate, the faculty member will also teach the students the necessary materials for working on the project.

When the group starts to work on their project, a tutor will provide further help when needed. Both the faculty member and the tutor will help answer questions that may arise. A public display of the successful projects will be organized to promote the achievements of the students.

A round-up camp of 3 days 2 nights (August 4 - 6, 2005) will be organized for students to interact and make full presentation of their projects. Students will need to pay an accommodation fee of HK$360 and HK$10 for the photocopying cost when they register the course.
A certificate will be issued to each student participant who has successfully completed the project and achieved 80% attendance.
Date and Time:
Date: April 2 - August 2, 2005
Time: The first Saturday of each month or otherwise determined mutually by the supervising professors and students. Details of schedule can be obtained from description of each project.
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