Android Application Development Hands-On Workshop 2013 Held by Dr. Muppala

Android Application Development Hands-On Workshop 2013

For the third year in a row Dr. Jogesh K. Muppala taught the Android Application Development Hands-On Workshop for HKUST students on 30 & 31 May 2013. The workshop was organized by Dr. Muppala for the benefit of all HKUST students.

Over 40 students enthusiastically attended the two-day workshop. Over the course of two days the students were introduced to various aspects of Android application development through the coverage of both Android concepts and hands-on exercises. They learnt different aspects of designing an Android application, through a series of structured hands-on exercises.

Students' reaction to the workshop was overwhelmingly positive, as evidenced by the following students' comments from the end-of-workshop survey:

  • Easy to implement the code in the class, at least having something to see in a short time. Very good for this because not giving a impression that is very difficult to write an Android app.
  • He helps us learn more about and familiar JAVA in a short time. And most importantly he makes us have fun and is happy to answer our questions even our questions are stupid.
  • Student can follow each step easily.
  • Very interesting, tried hard to keep students' attention. Very friendly, willing to help.
  • He is kindly and friendly.
  • He is patient and happy to explain our difficulties.

"Once again, I am truly humbled by the enthusiastic response of the students. This gives me encouragement to do more such activities in the future," said Dr. Muppala.