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Computer science is the discipline that studies the structure, function, and applications of computers as well as the interconnection of computers. Covering topics in the areas of foundations of computer science and computer engineering, artificial intelligence, networking, computer graphics, multimedia computing, software and web technologies, and data and knowledge-base systems, the Computer Science programs at this University are dedicated to educate students and to advance research in computer and information technology; as well as to assist in the development and growth of the information industry in the region.

Through the efforts of researchers and engineers, computers have evolved from large, slow, expensive, and very specialized systems to small, fast, affordable, and ordinary tools that are part of virtually everyone's life. Advances in networking technologies and human-computer interfacing technologies have further created a digital culture. The ubiquitous nature of computers in today's workplace and home environment is making computer literacy a requirement not only for all professionals in industrial societies but also for everybody living in the digital culture.

Computer Science is still a young field. Although we have witnessed numerous advances in the past, this is only the beginning of a new revolution as the potential of information technology has not yet been fully realized. Information technology is in the midst of a revolution as we move from explicit interactions with disconnected computing devices to implicit and pervasive interactions with highly interconnected, integrated digital resources embedded in the environments in which we work, live, learn, and play. The impact of computer science and information engineering will be broad and deep. Computer Science programs at HKUST prepare students for exciting challenges and new opportunities that help to bring such impact to our lives.

The Department offers a full range of courses to meet the needs of its own students and those from other departments. Its programs lead to the BEng, BSc, MSc, MPhil, and PhD degrees. Aside from taking computer science courses, students are encouraged to design individual study plans tailored to their own interests.