Welcome from Head of Department

Prof. Dit-Yan YEUNG, Head of Department

Prof. Dit-Yan YEUNG, Head of Department

We welcome you on behalf of the faculty, staff, and students of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). These are exciting times for computer scientists as the discipline is now widely recognized as an essential source of tools and techniques for advancements in nearly all spheres of human endeavor.

Our Department was founded in 1991. Now it has grown to over 50 faculty members, roughly 370 postgraduate research students and 800 undergraduate students, and numerous research and support staff. We have four undergraduate programs - BEng in Computer Science, BEng in Computer Engineering (jointly administered with the Electronic and Computer Engineering (ECE) Department), BSc in Data Science and Technology (jointly administered with the Mathematics (MATH) Department), and BSc in Computer Science - provide students with a broad range of choices. There are popular MSc-BDT and MSc-IT programs.

Our CSE at HKUST is research-oriented, student-centered Department. Some of the driving principles and goals of our Department are embodied in our mission and vision statements.

We welcome you to browse through the departmental web site. Whether you are a student, a parent, alumni, an employer, or a colleague, we want to hear from you. Your comments and suggestions will help us move to the next level and provide us with encouragement to maintain excellence.


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