Undergraduate Programs

Major Programs

The department offers two major programs. COMP is our general undergraduate degree program. It provides a broad education in all core areas of Computer Science, while allowing students the flexibility to pursue individual interests in higher-level areas. Students can pursue double majors with COMP as one of the two majors; however, the different requirements of the two majors, including single-counted credits for each major, may be complicated to satisfy. COSC is a special program catered only to students wishing to double-major with other degrees. Thus, it offers more flexibility in fulfilling the requirements. Additionally, we offer interdisciplinary joint programs with other departments. For details on all of these programs, please refer to the links below.

Minor Programs

Students of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering can enrol in various minor programs. Typically, each minor program requires students to complete 18 credits from a list of courses.

To graduate with a minor program, students must declare their intention and complete Form RR-37 (Declaration / Withdrawal of Undergraduate Minor Program) to enroll in the minor program. All courses that count toward the minor program will be included in the calculation of the GGA. To apply, the students must upload transcripts when submitting the RR-37 form.


Further Information

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