IT Minor Credit Requirements Explained

IT Minor Credit Requirements Explained

IT Minor requirements at a glance
***Other courses related to IT are also allowed on a case by case basis***

  • Normal Cases (4Y curriculum)
    1. Must take both COMP 2011 and COMP 2012 accounting for 8 required credits (or anything equivalent, see special cases below)
    2. Must take elective courses for 10 credits or more (10 credits is a minumum requirement)
      1. The 10 credits must be at 2000 level or above
      2. Out of the 10 credits, 6 must be at 3000 level or above
      3. Out of the 6 credits, 3 must be at 4000 level or above
    3. Out of the 10 credits electives, you can use up to 6 credits of non-COMP courses from the following courses (ELEC 2300, ELEC 3120, ELEC 4130, MATH 2343)
    4. 1000 level courses and final year project cannot be used to fulfill the minor requirement
    5. Students can transfer a maximum of 6 credits to the minor program (e.g., Direct Entry students who took some courses prior to joining UST). Of course this is not automatic, the credit transfer must go through the normal credit transfer procedure
    6. If you are admitted in 2012-2013 or after, at least 9 credits should be single counted. In other words, they cannot be used to fulfil any other requirement except the 120 credits for graduation (e.g., you cannot count them towards the major, or any other minor, they must be purely for the IT minor)

  • Special cases
    1. If you took in the past (prior to 2012-2013) the now defunct course COMP 1004 then you may use it to fulfill required course COMP 2011.
    2. If you took in the past (prior to 2011-2012) both COMP 1002 and COMP 1003 then you may use them to fulfill required course COMP 2011, and you'd be entitled to ONLY take 9 credits in electives!
    3. If you took the 4 credit course COMP 2012H (prior to 2014-2015) then you may request to use it to replace required course COMP 2012.
    4. If you took the 5 credit course COMP 2012H (in 2014-2015 or after) you may request to use it to replace both required courses COMP 2011 and COMP 2012. In this case you need to take extra electives to make up for the shortfall in the total number of credits.

  • Clarifications on course codes equivalence prior to 2011-2012
    1. 2000 level corresponds to 100 level prior to 2011-2012
    2. 3000 level corresponds to 200 level prior to 2011-2012
    3. 4000 level corresponds to 300 level prior to 2011-2012


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