Honors Courses and Independent Work

Honors Courses

A number of honors courses with enriched contents, accelerated pace, and possibly smaller class size are offered to capable students.

  • COMP 2012H: Honors Object-oriented Programming and Data Structures (starting from Fall 2014-15, covering contents of both COMP 2011 and COMP 2012)
  • COMP 2711H: Honors Discrete Mathematical Tools for Computer Science
  • COMP 3111H: Honors Software Engineering
  • COMP 3711H: Honors Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • COMP 3071: Honors Competitive Programming

You may refer to course description for detailed course coverage and content.

To enroll an honors course, you need to obtain a certain grade from its pre-requisite course(s) or obtain instructor's approval. Grade of honors course is assigned based on your learning outcomes and decided independently from its regular version. As the entrance requirement is higher, better grades are expected for these courses.

Please note honors courses are offered irregularly depending on the resources and enrollment. You may check the course offerings in this academic year.

Independent Work

We offer the opportunity for any students to conduct independent studies or projects under the directed guidance of a faculty member on a computer science topic. With prior approval from the faculty member, the student can enroll COMP 4971 Independent Work. COMP 4971 may carry 1-4 credits, depending on the outcome, depth and amount of work involved in the project. A written report, presentation, and/or an examination can be used for evaluation. The course may be repeated for credits.