FAQ for Year 1 Students Who Are Interested to Join CSE Majors

Q1. What is the major selection criteria of CSE for Year 1 students?

We follow the general major selection criteria for School of Engineering: (1) Two introductory courses (COMP or non-COMP) are required, and (2) the best 24 credits of your Year 1 courses are considered in ranking.

Q2. I want to take COMP 2011 in Year 1 but can't register the course because of limited quota. I'm worried that I can't catch up with my fellow students!

Don't worry! In our recommended COMP study pathway, students take COMP 2011 in the Fall semester of Year 2, and COMP 2012 in the Spring semester of Year 2. Students of CSE majors are pre-enrolled to these required courses for a guaranteed spot. Depending on your academic performance, you can also consider taking COMP 2012H, a 5-credit accelerated and intensive course that covers the contents of both COMP 2011 and COMP 2012.

Q3. Can I transfer to CSE majors later if I did not succeed in the Year 1 major selection?

Yes. You can raise a major transfer request later in your study, and such requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. We suggest that you raise such a request no earlier than the Spring semester of Year 2 so that you have taken a good number of COMP courses. You may approach the CSE UG coordinator for consultation before submitting your program transfer request officially.