BSc in Computer Science (COSC)

In addition to the BEng in Computer Science (COMP), the Department of Computer Science and Engineering also offers a BSc in Computer Science (COSC).

COSC is not a stand-alone major. It is designed for students who wish to graduate with a double-major, i.e., students enrolled in COSC must also be enrolled in an another major. They are required to complete the requirements of both majors, and will receive a degree with two program designations upon graduation.

Students who join the program are carefully supervised in order to build and follow a study plan tailored to their specific interests and needs, that will serve as a strong platform to achieve their future career goals.

Students can NOT enroll in COSC during their first year of study. Enrollment can only be done starting after the end of their first academic year.

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KONG, Deyue

The COSC program has given me great flexibility to explore my interests, and has provided a supportive environment to pursue them. Here at HKUST, you can enjoy all sorts of opportunities, have conversations with amazing people, and have enough freedom to do what you like.

KONG, Deyue

BSc(BISC & COSC) 2020

COSC Program Coordinator

Prof. Mordecai GOLIN

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