Best Paper Award
The IEEE Signal Processing Society, 2004

Dr Brain MAK, Associate Professor

Dr Brian MAK, Associate Professor

Dr Brian MAK, Associate Professor

Congratulations to Dr Brian Mak upon receiving the Best Paper Award in the area of Speech Processing from the IEEE Signal Processing Society in 2004. The awarded paper, "Subspace distribution clustering hidden Markov model", IEEE Transactions on Speech and Audio Processing, 9(3):264-275, March 2001, is co-authored with Dr. Enrico Bocchieri of the AT&T Labs.

The Award honors the author(s) of a paper of exceptional merit dealing with a subject related to the IEEE Signal Processing Society's technical scope, and appearing in one of the Society's Transactions over a three-year window. Judging is on the bases of general quality, originality, subject matter, and timeliness of the research; up to four Best Paper Awards may be presented annually by the Society. Read more about the IEEE Signal Processing Socitey Best Paper award.

Apart from the research paper award, Dr Mak also succeeds in transferring his research technologies to the industry. He has helped develop the ASTell technology with ASTRI. The technology is recently used by the Modern Tech Limited to produce a pronunciation learning tool called the "i-English" Learning System. With the ASTell technology, i-English not only can tell if a student says an English word correctly, but also exactly where the student is wrong if he or she does not. i-English also provides students with a multimedia, interactive and self-learning environment to motivate their interest in learning English.