Dr. Jogesh Muppala speaks about Failures in Clouds at 4th Annual Cloud World Forum Asia

Dr. Jogesh K. Muppala gave an invited talk on "From Data Centers to Clouds: When Things Go Wrong!" in the Enterprise Cloud stream at the 4th Annual Cloud World Forum Asia held on 26-27 Nov. 2013 in Hong Kong. The Cloud World Forum series are the longest running and highest attended cloud events in the world. They are the only events that comprehensively cover the entire ecosystem of Cloud Computing, with dedicated sessions on both Enterprise and Telco Cloud. His talk dealt with:

  • Given the size and scale of the cloud and data centers, failures and short-term outages are inevitable
  • How do we deal with failures and short-term outages and failures while continuing to deliver the promised service to customers?
  • How can we provide assurances and service guarantees in these unpredictable circumstances?
  • What cost does the redundancy built into the system incur with respect to CAPEX and OPEX?
  • How do we balance Performance, Dependability and Sustainability in future Clouds?

He also hosted a panel on "How is Cloud Changing Your Data Center?"