Academic Achievement Award

The 11th Congregation, November 5-7 2003

Remarkable Performance of Computer Science Students!

The 11th Congregation was held on November 5 to 7, 2003. Each year, the university will present the Academic Achievement Award to honor the students who have outstanding academic performance. The selected students must have maintained a Cumulative Grade Average of at least 10.75 out of a possible 12, equivalent to a solid A average throughout their undergraduate studies and with no course failures.

This year, 15 students from different schools were awarded the Academic Achievement Award, among which, 6 were coming from the Department of Computer Science and 1 was studying Electronic Engineering with a major in Computer Science. The awardees are,

Ip Tak Shun

Ip Tak Shun

Siu Po Wa

Siu Po Wa

  • Cheung Pak Ming, BEng in Computer Science
  • Ip Tak Shun, BEng in Computer Science (Information Engineering — Networking)
  • Qi Xiaoli, BEng in Electronic Engineering (Information & Communication Engineering and Computer Science Information Engineering — Networking)
  • Siu Po Wa, BEng in Computer Science
  • Tang Kam Lun, BEng in Computer Science
  • Tong Lap Ki, BEng in Computer Science (Information Engineering — Networking)
  • Wang Ying, BEng in Computer Engineering

Let us share the feeling of 2 of the awardees, Ip Tak Shun and Siu Po Wa.

I am very glad to receive the Academic Achievement Award, which recognizes my achievement in HKUST. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the professors of the Department of Computer Science for their dedicated teaching, which inspired my interest in the field of computer science. — Ip Tak Shun

Without the support from my family and friends, I could hardly graduate with the Academic Achievement Award. Looking back to my undergraduate years, it was enjoyable and fun, even though often loaded with assignments and examinations. I would like to thank the professors of the Department of Computer Science who are extremely important for my development, especially Professor Samuel Chanson, my FYP supervisor and a personal mentor, he has given our group many valuable advices on both FYP and life, at the same time he has shown his patience, kindness and caring to his students. — Siu Po Wa

Congratulations to the awardees and we wish them all the best in their career path and further studies!