The CSE Firebird Cybersecurity Team Wins Championship in the Cyber Range Competition 2023 (Hong Kong & Macau District)

Congratulations to our CSE Firebird cybersecurity team members, who are taking COMP 4633 and has named themselves "Turkey", for winning the Championship in the Cyber Range Competition (Hong Kong and Macau District) held in November 2023! Together with the Championship, the team also won the 10,000 HKD Championship award. The "Turkey" team consists of the following members.

HKUST Turkey Team

  • Team member 1: CHAN, Lok Hin (CPEG)
  • Team member 2: ZHANG, Zidi (COMP)
  • Team member 3: CHENG, Ho Yin (COMP)
  • Team member 4: TSOI, Ka Wong (DSCT)

It is a large-scale competition, organized by a China 'Pengcheng Laboratory', in the hope of providing an unparalleled opportunity to students in gaining the real-world cybersecurity experience. There are around 600 teams competing in the competition this year. By bringing together more than 20 industry-specific cybersecurity scenarios, the competition organizes jeopardy style CTF challenges for the competing teams. Students can immerse themselves in diverse industry scenarios, expanding their understanding and skills in network security strategies and digitalization processes.

In recognition of this momentous occasion, award ceremony will be host in January 2024 to honour the winners. Congratulations to all the participants!

For more information, please refer to the winner announcement.