Tsinghua-HKUST Programming Contest 2022

The Tsinghua-HKUST Programming Contest 2022 was held on 27 August 2022 through online.

Undergraduate students from Tsinghua University in Mainland China, National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan, and The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology tested their skills against each other at HKUST in this exciting Greater China competition.

This annual event was the sixth time held by HKUST. Students from different institution gathered and competed in online platform this year. The contest was initially held between Tsinghua University and National Tsing Hua University and HKUST joined in 2007. The competition aims to inspire students' creativity, foster teamwork, problem-solving and innovation in building new software programs among computer science students and to promote cultural exchange.

Seven teams participated in the challenge this year, two individual teams from each university and a joint "Girls Team" formed by female students from these three institution. Champion of this year's competition went to "THU Team 2", comprised of Tsinghua University students Chen Xuan, WEI (魏辰軒), Zhe An, XU (徐哲安), Liang Zhou, CHEN (陳亮舟). The team "HKUST Team 1", comprised of Zhang Zhong, Zhang Yujun Zory and Duan Qinkai, has won the 2nd runner up.

Virtual tour conducted by Dr. Qifeng Chen after the contest

Virtual tour conducted by Dr. Qifeng Chen after the contest