CSE Graduate James Cheng Received Hong Kong Young Scientist Award 2010

Dr. James Cheng

Dr. James Cheng

Dr. James Cheng, graduated from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at HKUST, received the Hong Kong Young Scientist Award for the year 2010 in Physical/Mathematical science, for research work on "Efficient Graph Data Management".

Hong Kong Young Scientist Award is established by the Hong Kong Institute of Science (HKIS) to recognize young scientists and engineers who have outstanding performance in their field of study. The Award is being competed each year among all current postgraduates and those who have graduated within 2 years in any of the tertiary institutes in Hong Kong. Three awards are given each year in each of the fields of Physical/Mathematical science, Life science, or Engineering science.

James received his PhD degree from HKUST's Computer Science and Engineering Department in 2008 under the supervision of Prof. Wilfred Ng. Expressing his gratitude to CSE and his supervisor, James said, "I was lucky to have a supervisor who was both pressing and understanding, who enabled me to get through the stress I had during my study at HKUST. Wilfred pushed us more for our career development than merely papers. He has been extremely supportive to my research and deeply caring for my life as well."

James is currently an Assistant Professor in the School of Computer Engineering at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore.