Firebird CTF Team Won Championship of PwC Hackaday 2019

Firebird CTF Team Won Champion in PwC Hackaday 2019

The Firebird CTF team has just won the championship of the PwC HackaDay, a Capture the Flag cybersecurity competition, designed for undergraduate students. The competition, organized by PwC Hong Kong, is aimed at increasing the general awareness of the importance of cybersecurity among youths in Hong Kong and Macau. HackaDay also serves as a platform to raise the competency level of future talents to better prepare them for a meaningful career in cybersecurity. Two Firebird Capture The Flag teams have won the championship and fifth position out of twelve teams respectively.

The Firebird CTF team members are CSE students Lam Ka Ho (Captain), Lee Kai Sing, Cheung Tin Iao, Choi Hoi Sing Viky; CPEG students Tse Hon Chung, Li Hong Lem; DSCT student Kwan Ching Yi; and MATH student Wu Ka Lok. They are coached by Harry Lee, Eric Lung, Ken Wong, Byron Wai, and Cybersecurity Lab members, Dr. Zetta Ke, and Anthony Lai.

For more infomation, please refer to the news article from Wepro180.

Firebird CTF Team Members