Dr. Charles Zhang Received Huawei's Distinguished Collaborator Award

Dr. Charles Zhang, Associate Professor of Department of Computer Science and Engineering and Director of the Cybersecurity Lab, was recently presented with a Distinguished Collaborator Award in recognition of his outstanding contribution to Huawei on deploying Pangolin into Huawei's products. Pangolin is an incremental hybrid fuzzing framework that using polyhedral path abstraction for efficient constrained mutation and guided constraint solving.

Dr. Zhang has been contributing on improving software reliability with the utilization of programming analysis technique. His research, which is supported by Research Grant Council, Innovation and Technology Fund, and grants from Microsoft and IBM, can often be found at premium conferences and journals of programming languages and software engineering. His research is publicly recognized as they have received awards including the PLDI distinguished paper award, the ACM SIGSOFT Doctoral Dissertation Award, and the IBM PhD fellowships.

Congratulations to Dr. Zhang!