MSRA Hong Kong Day

To celebrate the setting up of Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA) Lab for 15 years and the setting up of Ministry of Education (MOE) HKUST-MSRA Key Lab for 10 years, CSE, HKUST organized the MSRA-Hong Kong Day at HKUST on 19 November 2013. The event featured an IAS Lecture "Transforming the Impossible to the Natural" by Prof Hsiao-Wuen Hon from MSRA, poster and demo session, and the ACM-HK Student Research and Career Day. More details of the event.

The 10th ACM-HK Student Research and Career Day was co-organized by ACM-HK and MSRA on the same day. It is an annual event organized by ACM (Hong Kong Chapter). The event provides an excellent opportunity for computer science/ engineering students from all universities in Hong Kong and Macau to gain exposure in conference, to present their innovative research work, and to share research ideas and experiences. The event aims at fostering an environment to promote closer interactions and collaborations among students and to promote R&D awareness in Hong Kong and Macau.

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