Microsoft Fellowship 2006

PhD Candidate: Wu Tai-Pang

Mr Wu Tai-Pang is one of 38 winners of the Microsoft Fellowship 2006 strictly selected from the top universities in the Asia Pacific region. He will receive a HKD 47,000 scholarship and may have a chance to be an intern at Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA).

In future, he will be presented by an MSRA executive with the award and included in other MSRA activities. This award is considered as a remarkable honor and recognition to a researcher accomplishment.

The mission of the Microsoft Fellowship is to empower young academics in Asia Pacific to realize their full potential in computer science related research. The Review Committee of Microsoft Research Asia based on candidate's technical merit, academic potential, and value to MRS Asia and community to deliver the fellowship.

The program is designed to provide opportunities for high-caliber PhD candidates in computer and related fields, to facilitate the collaboration between Microsoft Research Asia and other research institutions, and to jointly educate top talents to realize their fill potential in research.