Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship 2012

PhD Candidate: Yongxin TONG

The Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA) Fellowship Program aims at empowering and encouraging outstanding PhD students in the Asia-Pacific region majoring in computer science, electrical engineering, information science, and applied mathematics to realize their potential in computer science-related research.

In the 13 years since the MSRA Fellowship Program started, around 850 PhD candidates from 50 universities in the Asia-Pacific region have been attracted. PhD candidates from 45 research academic institutions were nominated in 2012. 10 outstanding candidates with exceptional talent and innovation in computer science-related research were recognized and granted the fellowship. We are very pleased that Yongxin Tong, CSE PhD candidate, is one of those selected. Each winner has an opportunity to complete an internship at Microsoft Research Asia in Beijing.

Yongxin is currently a PhD candidate in CSE supervised by Prof Lei CHEN. His research goal is to effectively discover and manage the hidden correlation and rules over massive uncertain data.