Prof Dimitris Papadias Awarded HKUST School of Engineering Research Excellence Award

HKUST has announced the recipients of the School of Engineering (SENG) Research Excellence Awards 2013. The recipients are outstanding scholars who have made significant discoveries at the forefront of engineering research.

Prof Dimitris Papadias is one of the three recipients this year. He has made significant contributions in spatial and spatio-temporal databases. His work covers indexing schemes, processing algorithms, spatio-temporal data warehouses, and introduction of novel query types, etc. He has successfully applied techniques from spatial databases to other domains, most notably skylines, and produced very influential results. His successful research contributions are evident in his top publication records, his citations and his prominent role in the database community, including the program chair of SIGMOD 2013.

The annual SENG Research Excellence Awards were launched in 2011 to recognize the impact and contributions of the School's faculty members. Selection criteria include research output, originality and innovativeness; impact of research outputs on society, industry and the relevant engineering disciplines; research training provided to students; and their leadership role in collaboration with national and international research partners.