Ph.D. Student YUAN Linping Received Style3D Graduate Fellowship

Computer Science and Engineering Ph.D. student YUAN Linping was awarded a 2022 Style3D Graduate Fellowship. She was one of 10 recipients selected from graduate students from leading research academic institutions in China. Recipients are identified as outstanding and potential young scholars with their exceptional talent and innovation in computer graphics and related fields.

The Style3D Graduate Fellowship program aims to support and encourage doctoral and master students to better carry out research in computer graphics and related fields. It offers a combination of research, networking, and internship opportunities to promising young candidates. Each winner has the opportunity to complete an internship at Style3D, a leading digital platform for creating and collaborating in the fashion industry with computer graphics technology.

Supervised by Prof. QU Huamin, Linping's research interests include augmented reality, virtual reality, human-computer interaction, and data visualization. As a painting enthusiast, she combines her long-time hobbies with her research. She focuses on creativity support research and aims to design creator-oriented user interfaces to allow creators to express their creative intentions directly and flexibly on computers. To achieve this goal, she adopts different methodologies from the human-computer interaction field and developed intelligent tools and systems. She has conducted a series of studies for different forms of creation, including data visualization, infographics, virtual reality, and augmented reality.

"Receiving this award is a recognition of my previous work and will support my future work." Linping said, "Also, I realized the uniqueness of my background and my research when I noticed that other winners' work could also facilitate creation but they focused more on advanced algorithms, which are computer-oriented. I believe it is necessary and promising to support creativity from a human-computer interaction perspective."

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CSE PhD student YUAN Linping is awarded the 2022 Style3D Graduate Fellowship

CSE PhD student YUAN Linping is awarded the 2022 Style3D Graduate Fellowship