The first Imagine Camp in Hong Kong featuring latest innovations in the digital world

The first Imagine Camp in Hong Kong with an event title of "Up Against the Challenge: One Platform for All" was jointly organized by Department of Computer Science and Engineering and Microsoft Hong Kong Limited on Wednesday, 28-Oct-2015 at HKUST. The workshop was well received with 57 students participated the 2-hour sharing session cum hands-on technical workshop.

Ms. Joelle Woo, Director, Business Development & Developer Experience (DX), Microsoft Hong Kong Limited, "When you can change the way you see the world, you can change the world you see" Representatives from Microsoft Hong Kong Limited provided the following comments to our CSE students: "We are happy to see the great response from students as well as their passion to crack the codes. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank 2 candidates of Microsoft Student Partners for spending their time selflessly with us to ensure the workshop went smooth."

Most of the participants did not have prior programming experience of the latest development tools on the Windows 10 platform. Rather than introducing basic programming techniques from scratch, the instructor prepared a skeleton project of an app for HKUST. He briefly introduced the logic flow of the skeleton project and encouraged students to innovate.

In general, students were inspired by the latest development tools in Windows 10 platform. In the last few minutes, the speaker encouraged our students to think big, and may consider to take the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2016 as an opportunity to realize their creative ideas, and may possibly bring them to Seattle. A group of 3 students stayed behind for 20 minutes after the workshop to complete an innovative feature of integrating webcam functionality to their app.