PhD Student Hitarth Singh and Dr. Harshit Motwani Won the IEEE Computer Society Lance Stafford Larson Best Paper Award

Mr. Hitarth SINGH and Dr. Harshit MOTWANI, members of the ALPACAS research group in department of Computer Science & Engineering under the guidance of Prof. Amir Goharshady, received the 2023 IEEE Computer Society Lance Stafford Larson Best Paper Award for their recently-published paper at OOPSLA titled "Algebro-geometric Algorithms for Template-based Synthesis of Polynomial Programs."

About the Award-winning Paper

The awarded paper presents a significant advancement in the field of template-based synthesis of polynomial programs that provide an efficient and scalable solution to overcome the limitations of quantifier elimination.

The paper introduces a breakthrough lies in their theorem-based algorithm that can sidestep the challenges of quantifier elimination, their approach directly reduces the problem to Quadratic Programming (QP). This reduction not only simplifies the handling of QP instances by SMT solvers but also guarantees soundness and semi-completeness.

It is worth noting that the method remains complete when using sufficiently high-degree polynomials in the templates, thus enabling scalable synthesis of meaningful programs without sacrificing completeness.

About Lance Stafford Larson Best Paper Award

The Lance Stafford Larson Award was established in 1983 by the Larson family in memorial for their son, who died in an electrical accident while an undergraduate at the University of Maryland. This Award aims to inspire students to cultivate proficiency in their communication skills and to motivate them toward achievement in the field of Computer Science.

This achievement recognizes their hard work and passion in the field of Computer Science, and we extend our congratulations to Mr. Hitarth SINGH and Dr. Harshit MOTWANI for their exceptional accomplishment!