Tristan C. BRAUD

Tristan C. BRAUD

PhD in Computer Science, University Grenoble Alpes

Assistant Professor
Primary Appointment: Integrative Systems & Design

Tristan C. BRAUD
Tel: (852) 3469 3004
Office: Room 5590
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Tristan C. BRAUD

(852) 3469 3004



Room 5590

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Research Area

Networking and Computer Systems; Human-Computer Interaction

Research Interests

Virtual reality (VR) / Augmented reality (AR); Human-computer interaction; Ubiquitous and pervasive computing; Systems thinking and design


Dr. Braud is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Integrated Systems Design at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Prior to that, he got his PhD from Universite Grenoble-Alpes (Grenoble, France), and received a Master of Engineering Degree from both Grenoble INP (Grenoble, France) and Politecnico di Torino (Turnin, Italy).

Dr. Braud's research focus is in augmented user experiences, at the intersection between interaction design, pervasive computing, and mixed reality. His current research interests include enabling city-scale augmented reality, both from a user- and a system-centric perspective, designing novel interaction methods for mixed reality environments, and improving the transmission of information in AR and VR.