Siu-Wing CHENG

Siu-Wing CHENG 鄭紹榮

PhD in Computer Science, University of Minnesota


Siu-Wing CHENG
Tel: (852) 2358 6973
Office: Room 3551
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Siu-Wing CHENG

(852) 2358 6973



Room 3551

Personal Webpage

Research Area

Theoretical Computer Science

Research Interests

Algorithms; Geometry processing; Data structures; Theoretical computer science


Prof. Siu-Wing Cheng belongs to the Theoretical Computer Science Group. His major research areas include computational geometry, algorithms, and data structures. He is currently interested in algorithmic problems in geometric modeling. Recently, he has spent most of his time on problems in mesh generation and manifold reconstruction. Mesh generation is an important task in numerical simulations in scientific and engineering applications. In manifold reconstruction, he studies curve and surface reconstruction from noisy samples, as well as manifold reconstruction in arbitrary dimensions.