Post-doctoral Fellows / Research Associates / Research Assistants in Machine Learning

HKUST Job ID: 7171

Research Group and Projects

The research group of Dit-Yan Yeung affiliated with the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology has broad research interests in both the theoretical and practical aspects of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

With basic and applied research funding provided by the Hong Kong Government (including RGC's Research Impact Fund and ITC's Platform Research Projects) to support several projects that will last for at least four years, we are looking for outstanding candidates of diverse background to fill multiple research staff positions to conduct research on spatiotemporal forecasting models and algorithms as well as certain novel applications in meteorology, earth sciences, and video prediction. The research is expected to lead to scholarly publications in top-tiered venues as well as system prototypes to be launched for pilot testing in the operational systems of our organizational partners for some challenging real-world applications. Our previous research in this area led to publications in highly regarded venues (e.g., NeurIPS 2015, NeurIPS 2017), which have aroused a great deal of interest and follow-up work by other researchers far beyond the scope of our original study.

The research staff recruited will join a growing project team consisting of faculty, students, and collaborators from the organizational partners of several application domains.


The post-doctoral fellows and research associates will assist the PI to supervise the research assistants and research students working on the projects. They will also interact with the organizational partners to ensure that the research team and practitioners will collaborate effectively to accomplish the project objectives.

The research assistants will work closely with the organizational partners and will play key roles in conducting pilot studies on the operational systems of the organizational partners.

The research staff will have opportunities to spend part of their time working in the operations of the organizational partners to gain real-world experience.


The post-doctoral fellows and research associates should have obtained a PhD degree in a subject relevant to one or more research areas of the projects. Successful applicants are expected to have a solid background in machine learning theory and applications, with a strong research record as witnessed by publications in top-tiered venues.

The research assistants should have obtained a bachelor's or master's degree in a subject relevant to one or more research areas of the projects. Prior research experience in an academic or industrial setting is an advantage.

In addition to candidates with formal education in computer science and engineering, we are also interested in candidates from other disciplines with background in meteorology and environmental science.

Job Application

To apply, you should use the online job application system of the university.