Creating a ROS 2 distribution

Speaker: Prof Dirk Riehle
         University of Erlangen

Title:  "Creating a ROS 2 distribution"

Date:   Monday, 18 September 2023

Time:   4:00p, - 5:00pm

Venue:  Lecture Theater F (Leung Yat Sing Lecture Theater)
        near lift 25/26, HKUST


The Robot Operating System (now ROS 2) is an open source middleware for
operating robots. Similarly to Linux, Kubernetes, or OpenStack, ROS 2 has
grown to be so complex that building ROS 2 from scratch has become
impossible for most users. Hence, like in the other examples, users want
to use a preconfigured well-integrated open source distribution of ROS 2.
Open source distributions are being created in practice, but have not seen
any research yet. In this talk, I will outline the challenges I see with
building well-integrated, reproducible/verifiable, and certifiable open
source distributions using ROS 2 as the example.


Dirk Riehle is a professor of computer science at University of Erlangen.
He is also the CEO of Bayave GmbH, his consulting firm, and chief
scientist of EDITIVE, one of the startups born out of his research. His
work helps companies succeed in and through software, with a
specialization in open source, inner source, and product strategy. Before
joining academia, Prof. Riehle led the open source research group at SAP
Labs in Palo Alto, California (Silicon Valley). He also worked for
software startups and large corporations in Boston, MA and Zurich,
Switzerland, as a software developer, architect, and engineering manager.
Riehle holds a Ph.D. in computer science from ETH Zurich and an M.B.A.
from Stanford Graduate School of Business.